Welcome to Kindergarten

The Kindergarten teachers at Clifford 0. Taylor/Kirklane are

passionate to create a friendly and respectful relationship with your
child. Our goal is to provide a loving and safe environment for children to grow, learn and develop good character. We are excited to educate and inspire them to become motivated to always want to learn more. Our expectations are high for both academic growth and citizenship. There are many things your child will learn this year. Please make sure to read the newsletters from your child's teacher for information about what is being taught in class as well as special projects and upcoming events.
This year we are hoping to enrich your child's learning experience by
possibly having the following field trips to the Palm Beach Zoo, The
Pumpkin Patch, Lake Lytal, Duncan Theater and possibly the Yesteryear Village and/or South Florida Science Museum, and it's quite possible that the Fire Dept, the Tooth Fairy and the Bee Keeper will visit! We are also going to bridge our learning and our local community spirit by working with Big Dog Ranch & Rescue for our Service Learning Project.
Please don't forget to send your Kindergartner to school on Fridays with the adorable and ever popular "I LOVE Kindergarten" t--shirts which will be on sale soon! They are perfect to wear on field trips, on our field day, Fridays, and as a memento of all your child's wonderful adventures they will be having in Kindergarten this year!